Thomas Wright

LWA – Lipedema World Alliance

Dr. Thomas Wright is the medical director of Laser, Lipo and Vein Center. He is one of the first two hundred plus surgeons in the USA to become a diplomat of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Venous and Lymhatic Society.

Dr Wright has authored and co-authored multiple peer reviewed papers on the lipedema and related fat disorders. He is a co- author of the US lipedema Standard of Care Guidelines. He authored case reports of lipedema coexisting with anorexia nervosa and lipedema coexisting with malnutrition.  Dr. Wright has a specialized skill set and passion for unique types of liposuction and its derivative surgical procedures such as lipedema reduction surgery, fat transfer and minimally invasive skin tightening. He was trained in tumescent liposuction technique by its originator, Dr. Jeffrey Klein.  Dr. Wright has performed thousands of tumescent liposuction procedures over the last 15 for both cosmetic problems and to treat lipedema.

He is actively involved in multiple research studies on lipedema: with Washington University to better understand metabolic effects of lipedema; University of Arizona to better understand the tissue pathology of lipedema. He is also involved in a research project to show the improvements in the quality of life from liposuction on lipedema.