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Working together we can make a change

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Lipedema World Alliance

Is a not-for profit association bringing together Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Patient Associations world-wide to increase understanding of lipedema and appropriate treatments.



Working together we can make a change

LWA wants to create an environment where healthcare professionals from different countries and patients’ associations collaboratively explore many unanswered questions around lipedema and promote scientific dialogue in order to accomplish the goal of improving the understanding and care of people living with lipedema.


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Healthcare Professionals and Researchers

Individual membership is open to registered healthcare professionals and researchers experienced in the field of Lipedema – unite with global experts to drive progress.

Registered Patients Associations and Scientific Associations

Membership is open to both Patient Associations and Scientific Associations, based on their local registrations covering the provision of services to those living with Lipedema or research into Lipedema.