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Join the Lipedema World Alliance today. Working together we can make a change!

We are committed to creating an environment where healthcare professionals,  scientific organizations and patients’ associations from different countries collaboratively explore many unanswered questions around Lipedema and promote scientific dialogue in order to accomplish the goal of improving the understanding and care of people living with Lipedema.

By becoming a member, you’re about to play a vital role in advancing the understanding of Lipedema and pioneering breakthrough treatments.

Membership is open to:

  1. Physicians/Medical Doctors and healthcare professionals (including researchers) dedicated to Lipedema and related pathologies.
  2. Organizations of Physicians/Medical Doctors and healthcare professionals dedicated to Lipedema and related pathologies.
  3. National and regional Organizations registered as nonprofit and dedicated to fight against Lipedema and/or related pathologies, made up of patients and/or family members and/or caregivers and/or professionals.

Patients participate in LWA activities through the national patient associations that represent them.


Fill in the online form for membership application 

Wait for the notification of acceptance by LWA Board of Directors. Please, do not send any payment until you have been notified of your acceptance.

After receiving the notification of acceptance please follow the instructions sent by the administrative secretariat. Make the payment of the membership fee by bank transfer or PayPal, following the instructions for amounts and reasons for payment indicated.

Features & Benefits


  • Global Collaboration: Join hands with experts from around the world to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices. Together, we amplify our impact.
  • Non-Profit Endeavor: Our dedication to improving the lives of those with Lipedema is our driving force. Every action we take is rooted in genuine commitment, not financial gain.
  • Boosted Awareness: We work tirelessly to increase awareness of Lipedema within the medical community and among the general public, erasing misconceptions and fostering understanding.
  • Patient Advocacy: We stand as advocates for better access to appropriate treatments for individuals affected by Lipedema, ensuring their voices are heard.
  • Disease Management & Treatment: By supporting the development and enhancement of evidence-based Lipedema management, we strive to bring relief to those who need it most.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Our platform serves as a hub for sharing the latest research findings and best practices, creating a dynamic space for learning and growth.


  • Global Network Access: Connect to a global network of healthcare professionals, researchers and patient associations. Together, we shape the future of Lipedema care.
  • Involvement: As a member, you’re not just an observer; you’re an active contributor to the advancement of Lipedema care on a global scale.
  • Patient Resources: Discover a wealth of resources and guidance designed to support individuals living with Lipedema and their loved ones on their journey to improved well-being.
  • Research Synergy: Embrace collaborative research opportunities that push the boundaries of knowledge and treatment possibilities for Lipedema.
  • Members-only Portal: Enjoy exclusive access to a treasure trove of lipedema-related resources, including a comprehensive archive of publications, lectures, and timely updates to stay informed.