Philipp Kruppa

LWA – Lipedema World Alliance

Dr. Philipp Kruppa received his medical degree from the Charité University Medicine Berlin and he is specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Currently, he is part of the team of Dr. Mojtaba Ghods in Potsdam, Germany. With increasing clinical experience, he realized an urgent need for better diagnosis and treatment of the lipedema patients and therefore worked to promote general awareness of this disease in Germany. His research is dedicated to investigating the underlying pathomechanisms of lipedema and improving the clinical care of lipedema patients. He is working on a number of clinical studies on associated comorbidities, analyzing potential factors affecting outcome after surgery, or improving patient safety in the surgical management of high-risk lipedema patients with von Willebrand disease. The primary objective of his ongoing basic research is the detection of a biomarker using molecular analysis of human tissue and blood samples. To improve diagnostic algorithms, Dr. Kruppa is also engaged in developing an MRI-based protocol.