Kate Forster

LWA – Lipedema World Alliance

Kate has been on the Board of Lipoedema UK since 2016 and is passionate about bringing the voice of those living with lipoedema together with professionals and researchers, to improve the quality of life for people with lipoedema and their families. Her interest in how to live your best life with lipoedema has led her to study aqua exercise; she holds a number of qualifications in aqua fitness, aqua yoga and aqua pilates. Kate has worked in medical devices/pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years in business/operational management. Kate is a Board or Committee member for several other charities, including Diabetes UK’s Council of People Living with Diabetes.

Lipoedema UK

Lipoedema UK is a passionate community of people affected by lipoedema and healthcare professionals; working to improve awareness, early diagnosis, treatments and research. We believe that the best way to improve the lives of people living with lipoedema in the UK is to collaborate internationally with reputable and experienced healthcare professionals and researchers, to establish international standards of care and well-researched guidance created in partnership with people affected by lipoedema. Lipoedema UK was one of the first lipoedema charities, founded in 2012 by women living with lipoedema and healthcare professionals from St George’s Hospital, London. Lipoedema UK’s Big Survey 2014 was the first piece of research to give voice to challenges of lipoedema and peoples’ lived experiences. The survey’s evidence on the difficulty in obtaining diagnosis, led to Lip UK partnering with the Royal College of General Practitioners to create the first lipoedema online Continuing Professional Development module. No-one should suffer alone, or be unaware that they have lipoedema, so we encourage a vibrant community of those living with lipoedema to come together for mutual support, and raise the aspirations for best practice treatments and standards of care worldwide! #TogetherWeCanBeatLipoedema